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VAMatt said:
Ganoncrotch said:

1 in every 8333 people in the US will die to a gun, the country I live in 1 in every 114k people will die to a gun therefore if I was to move from here to the USA my chances of dying to a gun increase nearly 15x, sorry if that fact based on numbers upsets you living in the states, but you are 15 times more likely than me to die to a gun.

Unless your issue is with corn syrup or Thoughts and Prayers? I'm afraid your post doesn't really have any content/explanation for the dig.

Your implication that getting shot in the USA is common place is what's so ridiculous.  You didn't make a statistical analysis of the relative risk of getting shot until called out for your absurd claim.  

So the fact that you don't know that one in every 8333 people in the US will die to a gun means my comment which suggested that there was a higher chance of this happening in the States was dumb? Because you don't know the statistically chances of someone being shot in the country you live and how that is 15 times higher than say... where I live, that makes me and my comment dumb... because you didn't know that.

Ace logic there.

I hope there isn't anything in this comment you find hard to understand as well, but if there is please ask me to explain rather than chucking on the shit slinging shirt again, although I'll be honest, very unlikely to respond to explain it out.

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