dx11332sega said:
Microsoft does it again? They could of locked this for Xbox One/PS4/PC? but , let the switch get a port they could of said no ?

It seems like Microsoft is giving it's developers a degree of autonomy.
Plus Microsoft seems to be pretty buddy with Nintendo right now to a degree.

Wyrdness said:

Just something you should know take game sizes on PS2 with a pinch of salt for example the are multiplatform titles like Timesplitters which where bigger in size on PS2 despite not taking up a lot of space GC we also have cases like GTA3 which was a gig or so on PS2 despite only taking up 500 or so MB on PC.

There is a technical reason for that.

And it all comes down to load times...

Optical disks can transfer sequential read data faster at the outer edges of an optical disk but potentially have lower seek times (I.E. The time it takes to find said data) towards the center edge of the optical disk, depending on disk technology. (Some disks have higher data density per inch of area towards the center for instance.)

So developers optimize where the data is stored on the disk by having large sequentially read data towards the outer-edge and lots of smaller random reads towards the center, but sometimes they will need to duplicate some data in order to reduce optical disk head movement to improve overall load times... Because every time the laser has to go from the center to the outermost edge, is time lost.

These days with Blu-ray drives it's not as much of an issue... Plus the bulk of data is dumped onto a mechanical disk (Which shares the same issue, just less compounded due to orders-of-magnitude speeds) anyway.
But back when transfer rates of optical disks were measured in Kilobytes, it was a significantly larger issue.

Cerebralbore101 said:

3DS has better 3rd party support than Gamecube for sure. But that's a handheld. I was mainly talking about home consoles. GameCube got a lot of AAA multiplat titles. Wii U did not get that many of them. Wii U had the worst 3rd party support IMO. 

The WiiU had terrible 1st, 2nd and 3rd party support in general.
It has made it easy for me to collect for though, so that has been a real bonus.

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