Chrkeller said:
-Newcloud- said:

I'd still recommend the standard Switch over the Lite every time 

Agreed.  I also don't get the point of the Lite.  Not worth the savings.

While I won't get the Lite, I know why it exists. 3DS is exiting the fray, so it's the new option for kids that want to play newer software. $100 Off and you can still play Switch games would be quite appealing to families I think. Instead of dishing out $600 for 2 Switches for the kids, it's now $400, and a game for each is still under $600.'s for kids and money talks. Again, while I think it's a bad choice compared to the OG model, I see these things flying off shelves.

If you're an adult and getting the Switch Lite, I mean no harm. 

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