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Barkley said:
Cerebralbore101 said:
Damn! Switch has the best 3rd party support since GameCube!

Agreed, I often see people say 3rd party support was bad on GameCube, I don't understand why. IMO it got the best third party support of any Nintendo Home Consoles, post PlayStation anyway.

Probably because the games didn't sell back then. Hence why some publishers preferred to pay the fees for breach of contract than to let their games linger on the Gamecube (like Resident Evil 4, for instance).

However, we have proofs that the games do sell well this time around, even with Nintendos own IP still taking the biggest part of the cake.

dx11332sega said:
Microsoft does it again? They could of locked this for Xbox One/PS4/PC? but , let the switch get a port they could of said no ?

Development of this port possibly started before the takeover from Microsoft.

But yeah, it start really looking like if Microsoft considers the Nintendo Switch as their Handheld

pokoko said:
Going to wait for some reviews on this. Fallout: New Vegas was kind of a mess with a lot of badly thought-out "RPG systems" that took away player freedom. It was like they shoehorned in everything they could think of without regard to how well it worked. Hopefully, this will be more refined and intelligent.

I would consider New Vegas as the only playable Fallout game under Bethesda. 3,4,76 just ain't Fallout. Or much of an RPG, for that matter.

I don't know if you played the previous Fallout titles (1+2, most notably), but if you did, then you would know that New Vegas was more like a return to sources, literally so even: The Devs were also the people who made Fallout 1+2 in the first place. They mostly just put things from those games back in that Bethesda cut out in 3.

Last edited by Bofferbrauer2 - on 31 July 2019