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Nice job.

N64, TLOZ: OoT most played and favorite.
PS1: Favorite and most played: Tony Hawk.
Gamecube: Favorite and most played: TLOZ: WW.
Xbox: Halo 2 most played. Halo favorite.
360: Most played: Halo 3/Gears of War. Favorite: Bioshock.
One: Most played Halo 5. Favorite:Ori
PS4: Most played and favorite TLOU (i only play it on ps4).
Nintendo DS: Most played and favorite: The world ends with you.

End of 2011 (made 02/01/11) 
Wii: 99.453 m
Xbox 360: 67.837 m 
Ps 3: 60.726 m

Best Games/Serie of the Generation