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As the OP is pretty bare, more details that haven't been mentioned:

Games and Network Services, Operating Profit of $680 Million, down from $769 Million last year.

Operating Profit forecast for full FY remains unchanged, $2.58 Billion compared to $2.86 Billion last year.

- Decrease in first party software sales compared to quarter last year (no god of war lol)
- Lower than expected third party software sales
- Negative impact of exchange rates
- Increase in PS4 Hardware sales and profit margin
- Increase in network services sales (PS+, etc)
- Lower than expected PS4 Hardware Sales

The reason they give for the Operating Profit forecast not being reduced despite lower than expected third party software and ps4 hardware sales is that cost reductions (presumably for PS4 hardware) are better than expected and the sales of PS+ and other network services are higher than expected.

PlayStation is still rolling in the cash despite development of the PS5 and lack of major blockbusters this year lowering the profits.