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JRPGfan said:
LordLichtenstein said:

130M seems very irrational to me. By November 2020, when PS5 launches, PS4's LTD should be around 116-118M. Are you seriously suggesting that PS4 will only sell 12-14M after PS5 launches? 

Honestly if they stick with 299$ forever.... something like that could happend.
I just think most of us expect them to do a price cut at some point, to push sales for the last bit of the gen and after.

I wouldnt be surprised, if after the PS5 launches, the PS4 still manages to overall do another 20m or so total.

That would be around double what the PS3 sold post PS4 launch, plus the PS5's ability to play the PS4's library means you now have the option of gaining access to both libraries for whatever the difference in price between them happens to be and that surely has to take away sales. Anyway my theory is there will a cheap PS4 but it will be rebranded the PS3 pro so Sony can say they that all their home consoles reached 100M.