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Barkley said:
Barkley said:

PS1 - $49 (May 2002)
PS2 - $99 (April 2009)
PS3 - $269 (Super Slim Launch) (September 2012)

It's crazy to think that the PS3's RRP was only dropped to a minimum of $269 and recieved no price cut after the PS4. It's no wonder it's legs were so short.

So PS4's legs post-ps5 all depend on if it gets a price cut, and how far down they can go. A $49 console... I had no idea PS1 went that low. xD


Just to add onto this with adjusted for inflation prices:

PS1 - $69
PS2 - $118
PS3 - $300

So the PS3 at it's cheapest RRP is the same as the current RRP of the PS4. Mental. Guess they really never managed to get production costs down that far and that really shows why the PS3 legs were so bad.

We'll never see a console as cheap as the ps2 again though, even adjusted for inflation. The controllers are far more expensive to produce then they were, the now necessary inclusion of storage also drives up the minimum possible price.

Sony can sell the current PS4 slim at 199$ without loss imo, and probably tiny bit of profit.
If they actually do a super slim (7nm shrink), they *might* be able to sell at 149$ without a loss.

The possibility of a super slim (with a good price) would def. help, it increase those legs after the PS5.
Not quite as cheap as the PS2 was (after inflation) but not that far from it (118$ vs 149$).

Plus with this many units sold,.... does anyone expect 3rd party to just abandon it, the day PS5 launches?
There will be multiplats, that have both PS4 + PS5 versions at launch, for years to come, due to how popular the PS4 is.