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Farsala said:
Barkley said:

For comparison this is what other PlayStation consoles shipped after the successor launched:

PS1 - ~29m

PS2 - ~48m

PS3 - 7m

So while the likely 38m it would need to ship after PS5 launches isn't unheard of, I really don't think it can do it. I'll be pleasantly surprised if it manages half of that post-ps5.

A lot of it does depend on the strategy Sony go for I guess.

Yeah, the PS1 and PS2 had legs due to late launches in a significant amount of countries. PS3 didn't have late launches and neither will the PS4.  Sony is also going for profit and until they change my mind with price cuts, I don't think they will surpass 115m-125m sales.

Yeah looking into it further, price cuts no doubt play a huge part in PS1/PS2 legs, they got ridiculously cheap. Here's the last official price cuts I can find for USA.

PS1 - $49 (May 2002)
PS2 - $99 (April 2009)
PS3 - $269 (Super Slim Launch) (September 2012)

It's crazy to think that the PS3's RRP was only dropped to a minimum of $269 and recieved no price cut after the PS4. It's no wonder it's legs were so short.

So PS4's legs post-ps5 all depend on if it gets a price cut, and how far down they can go. A $49 console... I had no idea PS1 went that low. xD