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LordLichtenstein said:
colafitte said:

As this gen have proved, Sony will go for pure profits, not raw sales numbers. I don't expect 50M sold after Nov 2020, or 30, or 20..... If PS4 sells 10-15M more after PS5 launches at 299-249$ they will be happy. 

So my guess is still the same...around 130M sold lifetime, and by far, the most succesful and profitable Playstation console ever.

130M seems very irrational to me. By November 2020, when PS5 launches, PS4's LTD should be around 116-118M. Are you seriously suggesting that PS4 will only sell 12-14M after PS5 launches? 

Yes. Let me expain.

Units shipped by (calendar year):

end of 2018 - 94'2M shipped

end of 2019 they ship 15M this year -> 109M lifetime

end of 2020 (by the time PS5 launches) -> 8-10M that year -> 117-119M lifetime

The moment PS5 launches, i don't expect any price cuts for PS4, or really big ones.

end of 2021 -> 5M that year -> 122-124M lifetime

and in the next few years around 6-10M shipped more, so yes, around 10-15M more after PS5 launches and around 130M shipped in total in the end, more or less.

PS3 only sold 7M after PS4 launched....If PS4 sells 15M after PS5 it won't be irrational at all in my opinion. Remember, all of this based in a console still at 249-299$.