zorg1000 said:
JRPGfan said:

But do you want them to launch a new console, and consumers "not understanding" that its actually a new product?

Super Switch, runs into the issue of people mistakeing it for a "new 3ds" like situtation, or a WiiU situation.
Not understanding that it means "its time to upgrade to play new things", which results in sales going away.

Keep it Simple, Stupid (KISS).

Basically dont do anything that can confuse consumers of any kinde...... ESP if your product is a hit amoung casuals.

Super Switch --> potential WiiU nameing mishap waiting to happend.

Or just keep it simple? Do you really need to brand name + 2 buzz words + actual console name in it? And would people actually "understand" that it means a new console generation (eps if you dont actually change the console name)?
because "Nintendo Switch Super Advance" sounds like a trap, instead of a new console gen.

This sounds just like the Wii -> WiiU to me.

Super & Advance individually are fine, I dont think many people were confused during the NES to Super NES or Gameboy to GB Advance transitions.

Back then things where more simple, a new product = new gen.
Now theres mid gen refresh, add-on items bareing the console name (or consumers assumeing such, with say WiiU).
"new" = slightly bigger screen ect.

The messageing now, is very differnt from what it was back then.
Nintendo themselves havnt kept to a nameing scheme that ll make things easy for consumers to understand.

Basically its silly at this point, its just alot more impactfull and simple, to just stick with a console name and add a number to it.