RolStoppable said:
You spend time talking about a Switch Pro when Sony and Microsoft will have their hands full with competing with Switch as it is. Nintendo won't be hiding any hardware sales. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is a Nintendo game.

As for what Nintendo's plans were... the return to #1 in the console business. Nintendo sold the most consoles during the fiscal year ending March 2018, the one after that, they'll be #1 in the current fiscal year too and there's a very high chance that that streak will last beyond that. One additional year is a given anyway.

Except they really aren't competing. Xbox's sales problem has to do with failing to appeal to consumer's with HW and SW, not because of the Switch. PS4's are still pretty damn good for a console that's been $299 for the last 2 1/2+ years, and will improve once it gets a price cut this year. That has nothing to do with the Switch. On the same token, those consoles don't seem to be harming the Switch when they have sales/price cuts.

You might want to look up those numbers, again, cause the PS4 outsold the Switch by ~4M units in that FY. This past FY it also outsold it by 850K units. In terms of sales and profits, they are hardly #1. Well, unless you're speaking of globally in Japan.