JimmyFantasy said:

Also, if Nintendo could add extra power to the dock of Switch 2, for example a second gpu that works in SLI with the other gpu in the portable hardware, that would be totally awesome! Switch 2 would have a significant boost in performance when docked.

Among other things, they already have a patent for this.

Not going to happen with the current Switch, it's a technical impossibility.

Switch 2 it could be possible... But I highly doubt it, unless they unbundle the dock... Costs are what keeps multi-GPU's out of the console realm... You don't just need a duplication of the GPU's themselves (nVidia is far more stringent on this front too!), but you need a duplication of DRAM, Power Delivery and accompanying components and so on. - You essentially almost double your bill of materials... And that is before we touch on the issue of SLI/Crossfire/Multi-GPU scaling/framepacing/microstutter and other idiosyncrasies as well.

It is better to go with a single large SOC and power gate half the chip so it only activates whilst docked... Or go with a smaller chip and drive up the clockrates.

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