Nintendo found a good concept, again.

The Wii was cheap and had that motion controller, that suited alot of casual styled games.
People loved it. The Switch has detactable motion controllers (joy cons), that allow for people to enjoy that style of play again.

Ontop of that, its solves there issue of supplying software to both a handheld and a Home Console.
Instead of it being Split between two systems, they've figoured out its best to make everything able to run on both.
A hybrid solves this issue beautifully.

Now all Nintendo need to do, is to not forget it.
Nintendo love to "redesign the wheel" for no apparent reason, instead of sticking with what works.
(ei. innovation for the sake of innovation, instead of actual needs behinde it)

I want to see a Switch 2 release, with a newer ARM Soc, both in terms of tech inside (than the Tegra x1) and a chip thats 7nm.
Thats all Nintendo needs to do to keep being succesfull going forwards.
Keep the same design, and just mirgainal improve on everything where its possible (due to hardware advancements).

Hopefully Nintendo isnt asleep at the wheel, or decided to pull something stupid.... and Next console from them, is a Switch 2, at around 2022-2023.

(yes I want them to keep the same name, and add a number! Switch + 2 = done! No more Wii vs WiiU situations with confusion)

Ouroboros24 said:

This move of entering the generation late is not primarily the reason why they are succeeding, but it sure does make me feel foolish for thinking it was a bad move on their part when they had first announced it officially.

Bravo Nintendo, you bastards.

They where forced into it, from the WiiU situation.
I think its more like a happy co-incidence tbh, that just worked out because they once again made resonable design choices in hardware (they dont always).

But even then, they wheren't ready for it... They extended the Wii U's life beyound what it should have been (it had years of droughts).
And they even had to rush the Switch to market (they had to skip some quality controll, remember the issues with the joycons?).

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