Yes, but at this point I would rather have a PS5 Portable.

With Ryzen and Navi Sony has a much better base to build a Portable version of the PS5 than the PS4. Ryzen and Navi are both built with scalability from Mobile to High End PC in mind.

If Sony ever does bring a Portable system back into the mix, I will be there day one. I have no doubt at all that they would succeed, if they had a unified Library with the Home Console, and Mobile Connectivity for Online Gameplay, Calling/Texting, Apps, and Web. It would honestly make a lot of sense, even if it was Japan only. They could move 20+ Million PlayStation Portable units, if it had the previously mentioned features in Japan alone.

Unfortunately, for me, my fellow Western Gamers seem to have little interest in gaming that is unteathered from the TV, and with Sony seeming to have shifted PlayStation's focus to Western appeal, the chances of a Portable/Mobile PlayStation look pretty slim. I'll never stop holding out hope though. The 3G PlayStation Vita was the best Home Console, Portable Console, and Phone that I have ever owned. If we could make it back to that level of freedom and functionallity from a single device I would be on cloud 9.

One thing is for certain. Using a Dual Shock and a Smartphone for Remote Play and/or PS Now is out of the question. Extremely un-ergonomic, and much to cumbersome for any practicality. At a minimum, Sony will need some sort of super cheap Streaming device in the form factor of the Vita once Streaming catches hold, otherwise they will be left in the dust on that front.

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