Something that really bothered me during the Wii era was the way that both Sony and Microsoft attempted to cash in on the motion control phenomona that Nintendo had ushered in. It just seemed disengenuous and we ended up with a lot of awkward experiences. Particularly from Microsoft, who had made such a show of being the "hardcore" machine. It made me uncomfortable seeing the Microsoft/Sony fans who had maintained that the Wii was a waggle fest suddenly embracing these new iterations of the tech like it was suddenly cool now. I really wish they both had just continued doing what they were doing, since they both had been doing it so well. Nintendo cut a new lane because they had to to survive.

And I really hope that we don't see the same thing this next generation from Sony or Microsoft. Those companies are building their fanbases on things like cutting edge graphics, massive multiplayer experiences, and VR. Stay there, do it well. Leave this hybrid paradigm to Nintendo. They're not eating up sales from Sony or Microsoft. It's a different machine and a different experience. I think trying to do some sort of hybrid would hamstring the high tech that both of those companies are going for and would be a disservice to their fans, much the same way I thought that the Kinect and Move were very disrectful to the core fanbase back then.