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RaptorChrist said:
GoOnKid said:

In my opinion people who complain about having to stop and wait until the rain is gone don't understand the game. If you are too stubborn to think of another path then that's clearly on you and not the games' fault and you shouldn't complain about it because there are always either different solutions or alternate routes. Sitting there and waiting like a spoiled kid at the supermarket whose mama refused to buy candy won't get you anywhere. Of course you won't enjoy the game that way, that's not rocket science. 

Okay, let's digress a little bit, shall we. Most of the times the same people complain about the weapon durability because they want to find the BESTEST and STRONGEST weapons and be able to keep those FOREVER. Why is that? Well, if you ask me, that's because some people don't like to deal with uncertainty. They always want to deal the most amount of damage so that the mean baddies are gone quickly and without much harm so these people can keep walking through the park without having to fear much challenge and threats. Uncertainty about having the best equipment in order to be prepared for anything that may ever cross your character, no matter how improbable, is a sign of weakness in my eyes. Hate me, I don't mind.

To think about how you approach certain enemies is much more engaging than just hit it with your strongest weapon and be good (aka almost any rpg). And to think about how you reach a desired location is also an essential part of the game. This is not a game about finding the quickest route, it's about exploration and adaptation. Again, if you can't adapt to new situations when the game gives you tons of opportunities, it's on you.

Also nitpicking about the rain is stupid because why stop here? Let's also complain about heat, cold and thunder, too! Let's get rid of the entire weather system because surely there is this one teeny tiny chance that you stumble in a situation where you don't have the right equipment to face one of these environmental circumstances, booooo! That's bad! Cut it altogether! Or even better! Make everything optional, right?

Weapons breaking? No, it makes me a weakling. -> optional
Cooking? Nah, hate that - optional.
Guardians? They keep lasertagging my whimpy ass -> optional.
Boss fights? I'm too afraid of challenges -> optional.
Drowning in puddles? Well, not anymore! -> optional. 
Blood moon? No no no, dead enemies must stay dead -> optional.
Slipping on rocks? That's what we're even talking about, dammit! -> optional a thousand times, yo!
The entire Gerudo area? I don't like deserts -> optional.
Lynels? My whimpy ass can't handle them -> optional.
Princess Zelda? Her design in other games was nicer -> optional.

So more options are good, right? Right?! Except they rip the entire soul outta this game. So stop complaining and find your alternate route, y'all.

Hm, I'm not sure I agree with your sentiment (respectfully, of course). Videogames are played because they are something that is entertaining, right? So why wouldn't people be allowed to desire changes to a game that they didn't like aspects of? Voicing your opinion and offering feedback can be a productive way to make future things better.

BotW is a 10/10 in my opinion. Overall, I felt the game got to be too easy on my first playthrough. I'm thankful for the changes brought in Master Mode. Would you have preferred not having an extra option such as this in the game?

I dunno, but it seems like you just made a list of all the negative things you heard about the game and played it off as if the collective whole of them was each individual person's opinion, and made it sound as if it was getting annoying hearing all of these complaints. When in reality, it might be ten different people each saying one thing they didn't like about the game, with none of those ten people having been annoying individually, but if you lump all ten opinions together and treat them as a single argument, you can twist it in a way that makes it sound tiresome.

But I don't mean to offend you. I think I understand what you are trying to say, just the way you said it came off as if you were complaining about other people criticism. It seems like you prefer when things are not optional, and you like when a game is played the way it was envisioned to be played by the developers. Since Zelda is a fantasy RPG, you like to play the game as if you are Link, exploring the world in an organic way. And that's cool, too. Personally, I always play games with a completionist sort of mentality. Rarely do I ever fully complete a game, but I generally try and collect and explore everything along a given path. When it comes to watching others play games, I like watching speedruns, which is a completely different playstyle to my own.

People surely are allowed to express criticism but then they must also be aware that their criticism might not hold any value. I admit that my post was kind of harsh and generalizing, thus shouldn't be taken literal. My list was clearly nothing but an exaggeration.

What I tried to say is that the complaint about having to stop playing because it suddenly started raining is nonsensical because you can simply do something else instead of climbing. It's like trying to smash a wall that appears in front of you when you could easily just walk around it. And so I do not regard this as a valid complaint. It's just stubborness that prevents you from progress.