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mZuzek said:
pokoko said:
The real problem with elements like that is, while interesting at first, in the eyes of some, they eventually become an annoyance that gets in the way of what they are trying to accomplish. That's part of what makes mods so valuable to the long term viability of a game. It's also why game developers need to get over this "play the game the way we intended" bullshit and learn to provide options. People like and dislike a vast array of features and settings. What one person loves, another might hate. Allowing people to tailor their experience is a consumer friendly solution.

Consumer friendly, maybe. Art? No. As a purist myself, I'm very much not a fan of this idea that more options is always a better thing.

I care not at all about a game being considered art.  I care that I enjoy myself while playing.

As an example, Fallout 4 has two upper difficulties:  Very Hard, which simply makes everyone, including your character, into bullet sponges; and Survival, which increases the lethality of attacks greatly, which I really like, but also includes a lot of other game-play changes, like restricting saves to when you sleep, which I hate.  What did I do?  I downloaded a mod that allowed me to play on Very Hard but with the lethality of Survival, which I enjoyed a lot more than either mode as they were programmed by the developers.  Enjoyment, to me, is what gaming should be about.

And, at the of the day, the option to change the gameplay also includes the option not to change the gameplay.