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When people bring up BOTW's rain, it seems to only be discussed in terms of folks not liking that it impairs your climbing. And to an extent, I do empathize, and I think it might've helped if, for example, the climbing gear or some other item let you climb unaffected by it.

But I feel like there's so much more to it that just that.

For one thing, it actually is possible to climb in the rain; you just have to time your jumps right. It consumes a lot of stamina but it can be done. In addition, Revali's Gale bypasses this altogether, so in a way it does kind of act like an item that cancels out the slippage effect.

The game even has a weather forecast icon in the HUD, so as long as you pay attention, it shouldn't catch you out.

Rain does a lot more than just create slippery cliffs though; it drowns out the sound of your footsteps and reduces enemy vision, making stealth more potent. It buffs electrical weapons, as hitting a wet enemy with one will not only do more damage but also create a lightning AOE. On the flipside, bomb arrows are extinguished, not just for you but also for enemies. It creates puddles, which offer up opportunities for both electrocution and using Cryonis.  Different animals come out during the rain.

I know it gets a lot of hate, but I personally felt like it really helped make the world feel dynamic and alive, and changed things up by making the player adapt. It's like if you were on a real adventure; you can't control the weather, you have to plan in accordance with it.

Heck, even before I found out about the trick to climbing in the wet or obtained Revali’s Gale, just finding somewhere dry to start a cosy fire and wait out a downpour felt like something you’d actually do on a journey out in the wilderness. It reminded me of going camping and hiking in the bush when I was a kid, and made me feel more immersed in the game’s world.

On the whole, I feel like it's somewhat underappreciated as its too often dismissed as just "it's dumb cos it stops you climbing".

Last edited by curl-6 - on 23 July 2019

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