danasider said:
Snoorlax said:

I would've preferred if they introduced Miles Morales for this new generation of viewers instead of fucking up Peter Parker and the people around him. It's actually weird they haven't taken the opportunity of casting Miles as the New Spider-Man I'm pretty sure the mainstream audience and fans are ready for a Black Hispanic Spider-Man since he is a cool character after all.

But that's why I didn't include Into Spider-Verse because it's not mainstream and it hasnt gotten it's own series of movies yet. 

It made $190 million domestic and $375 million worldwide on a $90 million budget. And a sequel is already in the works.

Far From Home is a sequel and made 975 million on a 160 million budget. 

So Spider-Verse is not anywhere near as mainstream as live action Spider-Man movies and there is no sequel out yet.