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I'm working so could only take a very quick read of this but I will tag and read it fully later however....

I could never agree that Microsofts focus hasn't been on hardware this generation, they've got the most variants of console X1, X1S, X1X and X1SAD the focus of all their commercials in the last 2 years has been that their hardware is the most powerful over the other 2 and while E3 did have a good portion of time spent on Gamepass and Xbox Live I still couldn't say that a company with the products that microsoft has in the market and the marketing of MS are putting Hardware as their least focused area.

Also Nintendo as software? They do great software but I think their focus has always been on hardware from making it unique, they've always put an emphasis on keeping some aspect of their hardware so different to the competition that it could never end up in a situation like the X1 where the PS4 does the same but better in terms of what the hardware in the system offers, even the WiiU tablet had some aspects to it which were unique enough that meant games designed around it couldn't be played elsewhere... just those games were either very rare or very bad.

Also each of these should be thought of like a Triangle... but not one where each point doesn't impact the other 2, if a company makes great games but has shit services and hardware, the games will go unplayed (WiiU) if a company makes great hardware but has no games then it wont sell either (ps3 early life) or if a company has good services but doesn't have hardware in homes then the services go to waste (X1).... therefore the only solution is for the 3 companies to combine their powers and bring the consoles and game divisions together to form a megazord of systems for next generation... only then will they be able to defeat Rita and Stadia who will have combined forces and taken over the moon base!

(I'm sorry if I misunderstood the OP, I didn't get to read all of it and the posts in this thread, I will do so later and alter or post to change what aspects of this post are based on misreading)

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