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Its been an interesting read. I am glad that I am not the only one that sees the business the way you have mentioned it so I couldn't agree more.

Just to clarify, I couldn't really care less for sales as I mainly game on PC and have stated this many times however I do find it alarming seeing so many people jumping on a company for not matching up with there competitors. As you pointed out it is clear that each company has there different focuses in making money.

In this case, MS losing 48% revenue is not solely because there competitors are kicking there ass's but its to also to do with MS's own methods. Its also MS which is why they are losing yoy in hardware terms. They have offered alternatives which is one main reason why Xbox is selling less and less however Xbox as a brand is growing in other means. Its there direction and obviously building blocks for what's to come. Something like this doesn't happen over night.

Something I have been saying for years and yet no one has seemed to answer me on this. Probably because they cant. If console sales mean so much to MS than why does MS offer alternatives? Why do they allow there games to be brought on PC? Why do they allow there 1st party games to release on other platforms? Why are they building services where you don't even have to buy the games or own the console if Console sales mean so much in this modern industry? And don't tell me because there are contracts in place that MS (One of the most powerful corps in the world) cannot void. Epic games took down Metro Exodus from Steam a week before launch and they don't even own the property so MS who owns 100% of the companies and IPs is clearly not an issue for them to do either however they have chosen to allow these games to be sold because it makes them money. That's there direction. 

Software is very important for all 3 companies and MS actually house just as many good IPs as the rest of them its just they haven't been as critically acclaimed this gen unlike the 360 days, however there focus on services and software is still very high because its what they are doing with them, allowing the software more freedom and choice to customers etc, something there competitors try to avoid because they have a different business models and directions.

All in all, I agree with what's stated between the 3 companies that you have mentioned. I was thinking about writing a article about this topic however I never really had the time so thanks for the thread. I had a good read and hope this is educational for those who don't understand the industry or just in denial. All 3 companies are doing what's needed and its good to see them doing different things rather than offering the same boxes that do the exact same things. We need a company that focuses on hardware, we need a company that focuses on software and we need a company that focuses on services. Its choices like these that bring in none gamers into the industry.

Last edited by Azzanation - on 23 July 2019