Hiku said:

You'd imagine people would get this out of their system the first 500 times they made this accusation/posed this question for a game/movie.

If not, make a thread about it in the politics section please. Try to keep that out of the entertainment sections from now on, unless there's a proper case to be made for it.

You're the one making this into a political case, i've just pointed it out as criticism towards the movie and the character of MJ and how unrealistic it is when nobody else but MJ can easily make the connection. I don't care if you agree/disagree but it seems to me like you are saying criticisms that you don't like are not allowed in the movie threads now?

Secondly, if you really believe mainstream movies these days that are supposed to be just "fun and entertaining" aren't filled with SWJ and political undertones and some of us are just exaggerating then you really need to check yourself or you're just ignoring it. I don't care if women are the hero or the strongest, i do have a problem if they don't make sense especially in movies that i like, like Star Wars or Spider-Man.