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NightlyPoe said:
COKTOE said:
Video unavailable for me.... I'm skeptical about this. I LOVE Patrick Stewart. But he's lost a couple steps. It was almost painfully obvious even 3-4 years ago. That's not a slag. I respect him greatly. Also, is this part of the CBS streaming service? That was my understanding. If so. LOL. I can't imagine, outside of blatant piracy, that I'll ever see it. Good thing streaming saved us all from the inconvenience of flipping to a TV channel at a set time. The future is here. Cough cough.

I think we were all skeptical.  By all appearances it looked like they were going to boot this in the same way they booted Discovery.

But the trailer really is worth getting excited about.

I just found and watched the trailer in the OP, and I agree that it looks good! Also, in Canada, Picard will be available in streaming AND on TV via the same network. So hooray for everything. Being on TV is huge for me. I already have the channel in my package, so no new subs are required. Too bad the show isn't on TV in the US as well.

They seem to have gotten around the whole, "Brent Spiner is aging, but Data doesn't age" problem. The effect is nice. Interested to see how they've written Data back into the world of the living.

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