Snoorlax said:
pokoko said:
"Because "Spider-Man doesn't want to be Spider-Man just Peter Parker" again"

That's literally one of the most basic elements of the "Spider-Man" comic books. That was the overriding theme for decades. A hero who doesn't want to be a hero but wrestles constantly with the words of his uncle, that with great power comes great responsibility. That's Spider-Man.

And what happens at the end? He accepts his responsibility and understands that he's partly to blame for his uncle's death and moves on as a Spider-Man.

The end?  The very ideal of the Spider-Man character, the defining element for literally decades and decades, especially during his college years, was that Peter Parker wanted a normal life with a normal career but being Spider-Man always got in the way.  He was supposed to be the opposite of the Superman type character, where the "Clark Kent" guise is the fake element and the "superhero" is the real persona.  That's why Spider-Man resonated with so many people in the first place.  It's why he never fit in with groups like the Avengers. 

Spider-Man is Peter Parker with a mask on.  

You should probably check out the Superman films.  That sounds more like what you want in a character.