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NightlyPoe said:
This current Spider-Man was doomed by making him an Iron Man fanboy. It also doesn't help that he spent half the last movie forgetting the "With great power" motto. "The world's gonna blow up? Dude, that's gonna cut into my vacation."

Gimme a break. Holland is just a faint shadow of Maguire's take.

I'm also annoyed that we can't get an awesome Mary Jane after all these years. Mary Jane is like the Lex Luthor of Marvel. They keep sending her further and further away from her character when they never portrayed her correctly in the first place. Where's my gorgeous flighty redhead who parties as a front to hide her, intimacy issues, insecurities, and fears? We've never even approached a true adaptation of the character in the movies and it's SO crazy because Mary Jane would pop on film if they got the right actress for it.

Instead we're stuck with a faux MJ who is exactly the opposite.