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Darc Requiem said:
The young neighborhood superhero that is always getting roped into things "beyond his depth" is when Spiderman was his most popular. You seem to want a more adult Spiderman, but that isn't when he had his best comic book runs. Juggling his academic, social, and superhero life is what has always been a core tenant of his character. The high school through college era Spiderman is what they seem to be going for. Once he gets beyond college, starts working, and get married, the character seems to lose his luster for a lot of people. It is part of the reason characters like Spiderman (Miles Morales) and Spider-Gwen have taken off. Those characters essentially go back to the young era of the original Spiderman's career and allow for the telling the types of stories that lead to his popularity.

The problem is not a adult Spiderman the problem is terrible writing by terrible writers.