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Some spoilers for Far From Home

When we got our first look at the new Spider-Man (Tom Holland) in Civil War i was blown away, i thought this was THE new Spider-Man that would be on the same level as Tobey Spidey but more true to the Spider-Man character... Well that didnt last long... At all. I don't like Spider-Man Homecoming i think it was a trash movie, but I am a fan of Spider-Man so i've decided to give Far From Home a chance and guess what... It's a lot better than Homecoming.

I've come to accept that Spider-Man and the people around him aren't anywhere close to their comicbook counterparts neither physical nor in personality but then again, with Tony Stark being dead in the MCU (which probably won't last long anyway) we finally get to see an independent Spider-Man grow up without his Uncle Ben, i mean Tony, father figure and develop as a teenager and as his own hero... Nope, it seems Sony can't have that, they need Spider-Man to be an ignorant young boy surrounded by his elders to make him more relatable to children and let the movies be family friendly and comedy focused to get all the parents with their kids to watch this movie and sell as many toys as possible because Sony Studios heavily depends on the success of Spider-Man movies more than ever these days.

Spider-Man once again seems at a loss without his father, Tony Stark, the Zeus of the MCU. But even though he's supposedly dead he still manages to be an essential part of the story through his glasses EDITH. To make up for his absence we now have Nick Fury, Quentin Beck and even MJ scolding or advising Spidey how to be Spidey. Because "Spider-Man doesn't want to be Spider-Man just Peter Parker" again... But we all know that if there is no Spider-Man... Then what's the fucking point of this movie? It just feels so forced and an overdone plotline done much better in Spider-Man 2 and we all know he's going to webswing and save the day anyway.

Peter Parker's only purpose in this movie? To tell MJ that he really likes her, but he fails each time in different European countries. I actually liked the students traveling to Europe and fatty Ned being fat and funny cracking some funny lines but Peter is just all about MJ and trying to forget that he's Spider-Man. Apparently, Peter is so into MJ that he can't even cover his secret idendity anymore because miss sarcasm and oh so smart MJ suspected Peter Parker of being Spider-Man all along. What?

Yeah, it's obvious that Peter always dissapears when hell breaks loose and i'm okay with MJ not being a hot, white, redhead bimbo that only cares about cars and money anymore but she's the only one that noticed? I guess she's smarter than the rest and even Peter, is it cause she's a girl? Is this another one of those stealthy political statements? Oh and MJ actually likes Peter more so than Spider-Man even though Peter is never around her and when he is around her he's always so cringeworthy and painfully awkward yet somehow to others he comes over as funny. Wasn't Peter Parker supposed to be a nerd that no one liked?

Finally Mysterio kinda sucked, Peter screws up everything because he's looking for a father figure which Quentin takes advantage of, he did a pretty good job on that and his illusions were some of the coolest parts of the movie but he never came over as a true menace like Doc Ock mainly because he was heavliy dependant on his team of "scientists and spies who left Stark industries" whatever no one really cares about, and it wasn't just Mysterio VS. Spider-Man.. Oh no, we need MCU international hero Nick Fury and his gang to guide Spider-Man and save the day incase Spidey fails to save Europe because we already had enough trouble in New York so now we had to change the setting for once and now we're following Spidey all around Europe and ruining his schooltrip...

Spider-Man used to be the number 1 Marvel Superhero and be in the major league much like how Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and even Hulk are viewed as today but nowadays he seems to be a kids role model cause all i know teenagers these days prefer the millonaire playboy smartguy Tony Stark over this goofy Spider-Man.