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Barkley said:

You're not wrong, an online games as service type model does seem more suitable for these titles than releasing a new $60 title every year.

However it would be a risk, can they make as much money from Fifa if they do this? Fifa 19 sold 20m as of February 2019. That's $1-1.2 Billion. Plus they already make money on microtransactions with ultimate team on top of that.

I'm not sure Fifa as one continuous product could come near that level of income in a year.

Pretty much half the income for EA is from Fifa, and most of that is FUT. I would need to dig in my old posts to get the exact quote, but they said in an investor's meeting that Fifa makes more than half of the digital income of EA.

In other words, EA is earning way more through FUT than they do through game sales.

Darwinianevolution said:
The problem with most sports games is that branding becoming so important to sell a game. If a soccer game came out with thrice as content and quality as FIFA for half the price, it would still go down in flames because FIFA has the exclusive license to practically all sport clubs and players. Unless that changes, they could do whatever they want and people will still buy them.

Well, wasn't it in the news lately that they lost the licenses for some clubs to PES, including their players? That's the real battle and concern for EA, as without them, they can't have as many players in their cards to casino to players.

Last edited by Bofferbrauer2 - on 20 July 2019