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mZuzek said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

Arcade Sports titles are looked down upon from "true" fans of the sport, who wants the "real" players and the "real" rules. It's a similar situation to arcade racers vs racing simulations.

I, for once, very much prefer arcade sports titles. No Fifa came ever close to replicate to mindless fun of Nintendo World Cup, for instance, no matter how advanced modern Fifas get. Or Mario Strikers: Charged, for that matter. And can't come close to their badassery. Just look at the intro for Mario strikers Charged:

It's honestly nothing like arcade racers vs. racing simulators, because arcade racers are insanely popular and not really looked upon by anyone. Well, at least Mario Kart, but well, that's basically the whole genre right there.

What I meant is how afflictionados from the simulation side typically sneer at the more arcadey counterparts, which is true in sports just like in racing games. Doesn't mean that arcade versions can't be popular, just that it's often not with the same people.

Rocket League is so much different to normal Football (I refuse to call it an atrocity like soccer. Sorry, Americans, but that's football!) that I can't even count it as an arcade version and put it straight up into a different sport section.