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TheMisterManGuy said:
Chazore said:

Still not sure about MS's Xbox app, because so far it still seems to just be pushing Gamepass, and I've zero desire for Gamepass. I want that app to be more like GoG/Steam. That said, I am greatly looking forward to GoG Galaxy 2.0.

That's largely because its in Beta at the moment, so features are a bit limited. But the reception seems positive so far. It's a lot better than the Windows Store, so that's something.

Quakecore is currently testing it himself as I type this, so I'm reading his input on how it's going so far, as well as watching a few tubers thoughts on it so far.

It's definitely already shaping up to being a far better deal for us than what we've had for a few years with OG Galaxy now. 

Really wish all the other clients would follow up on this, because it's really an amazing concept, and one that would unify a gamers library more, rather than to fracture it.

All that client needs is mod support somewhere down the line, then it'll be absolutely perfect for me. 

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