Barkley said:

As far as I know the only Unisoft game that launched during this period is Anno 1800, a pc exclusive game. So this makes sense. It is the best Anno game imo.

Still only just beat PS4. 34% for pc Vs 31% for PS4. Shows how important consoles are for these big AAA publishers.

Well, Anno probably had not too much to do with it, since it lacks in microtransactions. But that is exactly what drove the sales apparently: "Higher-than-expected performance,led notably by Assassin’s Creed®Odyssey,Rainbow Six®Siege, and Player Recurring Investment". Especially Rainbow  Six Siege is notable, as it has now the highest player it ever had, 4 years after launch.  

Also, while it's 34% to 31%, keep in mind that last year it was 24% to 38%, so PC is 10 points higher while the PS4 dropped by 7 points, which are pretty substantial movements. And Switch is stuck at just 5%