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Azzanation said:

Out of curiosity, can you list the GameCube and PS2 1st party games? I skipped the OG Xbox as none of those games interested me however Nintendo and Sony weren't that much better.. well except the traditional Nintendo IP and 3rd party game for Sony.

Sony's output on the PS2 was some of the system's best games.

* Ico

* Shadow of the Colosus

* Twisted Metal Black

* Sly Cooper trillogy

* Jak trillogy

* Ratchet & Clank Trilogy

* Ape Escape 2 & 3

* God of War

* Dark Cloud

Among other niche, lesser known titles like Siren. Even Nintendo was generally putting out critically acclaimed games then, divisive or not.

* Metroid Prime 1&2

* Smash Bros. Melee

* F-Zero GX

* Wind Waker

* Pikmin 1&2

* Animal Crossing

* Mario Sunshine

* Eternal Darkness

Aside from Halo, not many of Microsoft's games on the Xbox were outright bad, but not many were super amazing either. Really the Xbox lived and survived based on Halo and third party exclusives. Anything non-Halo Microsoft was publishing was simply a bonus.