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gergroy said:
The games that grabbed me from the original Xbox were obviously the halo games. However, I also discovered BioWare on the Xbox with kotor. Discovered Bethesda with morrowind. My two favorite studios to this day. Stubbs the zombie was also an incredible game, I have no idea why it never got a follow up. Armed and dangerous was highly entertaining. Of course fable was born on the original Xbox as well. Really, the original Xbox shaped my gaming tastes more than any system before it.

Of course... all the games mentioned in the op were pretty much crap though... there is a reason they didn’t turn into franchises...

I don't think any of these are bad games, most of them got decent reviews... It's just that compared to what Nintendo and Sony Computer Entertainment were releasing at the time, they were seen as weak. Really, only Halo was able to carry the Xbox First-Party wise. But we should appreciate the amount of bizzare, weird, if sometimes average games that Microsoft took in. They were a newcomer at the time, so they had nothing to loose, might as well take anything you can get.