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Decided to take a break while all the Switch Lite hype/news was going on. Back to it!

E3 1999:

Link to all-time thread:


Please vote on which company had the best showings of games. We are NOT limited to just 1st party games like we pretty much were for 1996. Going forward I hope to have a healthy list of third-party! I will NOT be including exclusive games under the company whose device they released on going forward, as the point of all this is to see which company has had the best E3 each year, regardless of if they own the hardware or not.

To clarify with a hypothetical example: As long as the studio is independent (such as Platinum), then their games will count towards their own presentation and not the hardware company. Rare is a weird situation, as I believe (based on what I’ve read), Nintendo only ever owned 49% of their stock, making them a second party studio, until Microsoft bought them, during this era. Because of this, they will remain separate for now.

Also, just like with the 1995 vote, I can only include 10 options. I will, however, put the ones that didn't make the cut below here (if there be any) just so you know and you can comment your vote for them if you'd like. Below is a list of notable games announced/shown. If I’ve missed something, or I have put something in the wrong area, it is UNINTENTIONAL. Please forgive me and I will make the changes as soon as possible.

SEGA: Dreamcast out in Japan already, coming out in the USA in September and shown at E3 with price point of $199. Games: NFL 2k

Sony: Next generation PlayStation sort of demonstrated with “an interactive kiosk with an emulator demonstrating hardware” and the goal of releasing it in 2000. Ape Escape shown.

Nintendo: Announced partnership with IBM and Matsushita (Panasonic) to create new hardware codenamed “Dolphin” (GameCube).

SNK: Neo Geo Pocket hardware is shown.

Bandai Namco Entertainment: Soulcalibur

Wow Entertainment: The House of the Dead 2

Visual Concepts: NFL 2k

Rare: Perfect Dark, Donkey Kong 64

Naughty Dog (not purchased by Sony until 2001): Crash Team Racing

Square: Final Fantasy VIII

Capcom: Dino Crisis

Id Software: Quake III

Irrational Games/Looking Glass Studios: System Shock 2