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Er, allow me to explain what I mean. 

Age of Ultron, by any metric, was a successful film commercially, and it wasn't the worst critically either. However it had a noticeable drop of potential profit levels (being the lowest of the Avengers film commercially), and it was around the time that Marvel films shook up internally. 

AKA Perlmutter and co, who were generally responsible for a lot of the problems that plagued aspects in weaker films, delayed a lot of films like Captain Marvel and Black Panther for a long time, etc, were removed from film influence. Post that most would argue the MCU films have been more solid (Weaker Phase 3 films like Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel would have been top Phase 1-2 films if they released before then, IMO). 

Other factors were involved yes, but that was a major factor in this change.

Pokemon will not flop, we can all mostly agree on that. However I am confident that 'Pokemon Sword and Shield selling well but with a clear feel of it lost a million or so sales due to controversies' is a realistic possibility. 

(It's certainly about as likely as Game Freak agreeing or being made to patch the missing Pokemon in post launch)

Now what the equiv would be in Nintendo is hard to say: I don't think it would be removing Pokemon from Game Freak. That would require an actual flop or something. I could see them taking Pokemon off the yearly release schedule, I could see a change in how development is handled, etc etc. 

Honestly the 'take off yearly schedule' is probably the most likely option: 4-5 year generations instead of 3 year ones, and it seems like the simplest solution. 

And Nintendo/Creatures/Game Freak would realize that it was because of the backlash: between the fact that the issue is being spammed everywhere, the fact at least Nintendo pays attention to the fates of games like Battlefront 2 and 76, and the absence of a secondary holiday game in Animal Crossing to absorb shock, one of the three would not figure out a way to blame it on Fortnite or something. 

The Democratic Nintendo that a paradox? I'm fond of one of the more conservative companies in the industry, but I vote Liberally and view myself that way 90% of the time?