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I actually really like the PS4 UI, but there are a couple of things I would like changed/added.

1. Full control of sorting/arranging Games and Apps.

I want to be able to organize my Games, Apps, and Folders in a specific order, and never have them change. I also want the ability to put all apps in folders. The TV & Video App is great for finding content from the services available on PS4, but having to go into it, and then go another layer down to get to the media app I want to use is tiresome.

2. Simpler Switching Between Apps

Basically, PS5 needs a feature where we can quickly see a preview of the apps that are running. See the PS Vita for example, or Android/iOS for the non gaming folks. The double tap to jump between apps is fast, but it is too limited, and doesn't always go back to what you want. Having the ability to pop up a window of all apps open, and quickly choose the proper app would be a huge improvement.

3. More Versatile Quick Menu

The quick menu needs to be more functional, without kicking you out of apps for simple tasks. I should have full access to my Spotify and Local Music Libraries from the Quick Menu, when I Message a Freind from the Quick Menu it should not kick me from the App, Web Page, or Game I am using. Basically, the Quick Menu needs to handle more tasks without interfering in you primary focus.

Those are my heavy hitters. I also have a lot of features I would like to see added/improved to the OS, but I'll leave that for another thread, and just keep this to UI only.

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