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Ganoncrotch said: 

1: I think he was more suggesting that companies like EA who are focused on Live services shit like Anthem have spent a great deal of the last 5 years trying to convince gamers that what we want to be playing is online social interaction always online ever changing type games with no single player element whatsoever,

2: so then the Switch rolls around with Mario Ody and Breath of the Wild which are basically 2 massive middle fingers to the idea that a massive single player game can't be amazing and isn't exactly what millions of gamers are willing to throw money at, there was a time when the attach rate of breath of the wild was greater than 1:1 because while people couldn't get the system to play it... everyone wanted what is one of the best and biggest single player games of all times.

1+2: It would be better for companies like EA to keep their fans away from systems where options other than always online yearly purchased trash was in the minority alongside games which came out 2 years ago and are still pumping out great gameplay all this time, heck even in terms of online shooters, if you bought Splatoon 2 around Switch launch you could still be playing that game today and enjoying new free map and weapon packs which have been steadily dropping into the game over the last 24 months,

3: it completely goes against a call of duty or battlefield where you could buy the game two years ago but if you didn't buy the season pass you would be completely outta the loop in terms of what type of game people have today.... if the servers for online were still even up given that when a sequel appears often those older titles are shut down and forgotten.

1: Anthem is not the best example as nobody wanted to play that game. Even though EA and Bioware promised a 10 year journey of new content, Anthem was quickly abandoned by gamers and most likely by Bioware as well. This is not a first for EA though as Mass Effect: Andromeda, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and Battlefield V failed to meet expectations as well. That you and Rol claim that publishers are biased against Nintendo because Nintendo owners are the only ones who'd say no to loot box riddled games is kinda dumb (VGC being a Nintendo hivemind, I'm not that surprised though). Have you not been following gaming news for the past 2 years? EA has been heavily criticized for their monetization in e.g. Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and is now under criminal investigation in Europe and the US for promoting gambling. EA's stock value has decreased 38% in just a year.

2: I agree. 10 days ago, I voted for Breath of the Wild as the greatest launch title of all time. God of War, Spider-Man, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4, etc. are also massive middle fingers to the idea that a massive single player game can't be amazing. But that didn't stop publishers from releasing their multiplayer games on e.g. the PS4. Again, you and Rol's logic is flawed (I wonder why).

3: It's scary to find myself defending games that I haven't had any interest in since iterations released in 2005 (Battlefield 2) and 2009 (COD: Modern Warfare 2), respectively. But Battlefield V's maps are indeed added for free and all maps in this year's COD: Modern Warfare will be free as well.