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zorg1000 said:
Alby_da_Wolf said:

Sure, but NS is a hybrid, so it caters for home console gamers too, this could maybe negatively affect some sales, so that its sales, pushed by being also a portable, are very high anyway is more noteworthy than if it were just a portable.

It also being a home console does not negate its portable aspect.

True, but it makes it possible that a share of both its current owners and potential buyers be identifiable mainly as home console gamers, so at least part of this share would likely follow home users buying patterns. Being a hybrid, though, changes the game: while minorities of NS gamers will identify themselves as pure or almost pure portable or home gamers, the majority probably went beyond this as soon as they started enjoying the wider benefits of the hybrid concept. But this is surely more true for people that already bought it, while part of future buyers could arrive to it later, so they would follow the buying pattern of the category they belonged too before fully embracing the hybrid philosophy.

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