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tripenfall said:
This is another update to the thread and shows sales data until June 29th, one day short of the end of Q2 2019. Once again the PS4 is holding it's own and looks set to defy the popular opinion in the OP poll that the Switch would easily dominate it in 2019.
In 2019 to date -
Nintendo Switch - 6.1 million
Playstation 4 - 5.3 million

This means that the Switch has 53.51% of the 2019 head to head market with the PS4 tracking at 46.49%. I think most will agree that Nintendo has some seriously heavy hitting software to come in the second half of this year but will it be enough to achieve the domination that many expected? Will the Lite be the SKU that gives the Switch the edge going into the 2019 holiday season?

I'd like to hear any thoughts on this and I'll update the thread at the end of September to see if Q3 changed the situation in favour of either console.

Uh... it really doesn't look that way. Switch is up YoY by 23.9%, while PS4 is down YoY by 24.7%. If those YoY changes hold for the rest of the year, Switch will be at 20.2 million and PS4 will be at 13.6 million.

Last year, PS4 sold 2.12 million more units than Switch did in the first half, but Switch actually sold 0.45 million more in the second half. If Switch is already ahead in the first half of 2019, it's going to be ahead by an even greater margin in the second half because its sales are more concentrated in the holidays than PS4's. 70% of Switch's 2018 sales were in the second half, versus only 61% of PS4's 2018 sales.