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It's quite clear - current Switch owners almost all have zero interest in the Switch Lite. And there are still people who are planning to buy a Switch but are leaning towards the classic one.

But I can see a number of ways Switch Lite could plausibly become enticing.

So, within the bounds of what we already know about it, what other changes or confirmations would make you rethink buying one?

This very obviously isn't for people who have no reason to consider a Switch Lite, and it obviously doesn't have anything to do with replacing your current Switch with a Lite. This is about those who have a reason to consider the Lite (either as their first Switch, or as a second) but are on the fence.

For me, I've got four main considerations:

-Better cloud integration
-Controller dual-functionality
-Confirmation that "SD" rumble still is present
-Further improved battery life

Cloud integration:
It's nice that cloud saves are a thing now. But they're clunky to use. Nintendo should make it so that, if you launch a game with an Online account, it automatically checks for a cloud save. If it detects there's a cloud save present that is newer than any save data on the device, it should prompt you with the option to load it - basically exactly the same way it prompts you to download updates or start software anyways.

OR, they could add an option to simply auto-download cloud saves with no prompt at all, starting with games that are on your main dashboard.

Since I already own a Switch (two, actually) and would likely play primarily on my original one when at home, using the Lite only on the go, I'd need to be able to transfer saves effortlessly. It may not take THAT much more effort with the current setup, but still, I don't want to have to launch a separate menu to tell it to download new saves with every single game.

I also think that, if they WANT to market it towards people who already own a Switch, they would be wise to make Switch-ing from main to Lite an effortless activity.

Controller dual-function:
I mentioned this in the original reveal thread - since the NSLite has integrated controls, you lose the function of having a controller set you can effortlessly pair to another console for multiplayer.

But what if you didn't

NSLite retains the functions of the Pro controller, essentially. Why not add an option on the Controllers screen to pair your NSLite to another system to function as a Pro controller? To deactivate, simply long-press the power button or have a long-press touchscreen button that's followed with a confirm screen. Then you can use all of the controller's controls on the second system, with no interruption. 

They have a precedence for this, anyways. GBA could connect to GameCube for Four Swords Adventures. 3DS could connect to WiiU for Smash. In this instance, though, it would be compatible with a far, far larger library than previous versions of the concept.

It may not be ideal, especially compared to the comfort of the actual Pro controller, but for parties and hangouts, it could definitely add value to it for people that don't want to pay $70 for another Joy-Con pack or a Pro Controller.

SD Rumble:
They said it has no HD rumble, but we haven't seen for certain that there's no rumble whatsoever. Can we at least have some sort of basic rumble inclusion, please?

Currently, NSLite is reported to afford marginally improved battery life (reportedly 4-7 hours vs 3.5-6). But with some software upgrades or a simple battery upgrade change in the two months they've got before release, if they could improve that to maybe 5-8, or even longer, I'd be far more enticed.

So that's what I'd like to see. What would make you consider it? Other colors? Software pack-ins?

Last edited by thetonestarr - on 11 July 2019