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curl-6 said:

I suppose the game's issues may be well known among hobbyist gamers like us, but what percentage of buyers are likely to be forum-going enthusiasts of our ilk? It's possible most of the people picking it up for Switch where totally unaware this version was borked.

In a world where we have excellent ports like Yooka Laylee, Outlast II, Warframe, Paladins, Rocket League, Hellblade, the N.Sane Trilogy, and Crash Team Racing, there's really no good reason for a relatively simple game like this to be so wonky. They should have held it back til it was in better shape if necessary.

One thing I would say about that list of games you put, all of those baring Yooka had a proper studio behind it, unlike the crowd funded Bloodstained games... even saying that, yooka pretty quickly had the veterans at Team17 helping them bring the game to all the different platforms.

On topic though - I'm not really surprised, when you look at the numbers of consoles sold and see things like the X1 having a larger number sold than Switch honestly... I would think a great many of those systems are console number 2 to a Switch or are sitting on a pawn shop shelf, considering the system is selling 50k units per week globally, I would think that there is close to 50k people per week who own the system but are part of the 200k who buy a Switch or PS4, as such that system is probably more on a decline of actual active player base rather than an increase.

I didn't pick up a copy just yet based partially on having a ton of games to play through on Switch but also had read about the tech issues on the other platforms the week prior to launch and feared that the Switch port would have suffered a bit the same, I'm sure they'll get their act together and patch the major issues, even if it requires a bit more cash, they have a stream of income coming in now that should be able to fund patches to fix stuff, especially on the system where the majority of that cash is coming from.

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