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Pinkie_pie said:
Chris Hu said:

The Warriors are going to be nowhere as good next season as they where this season.  If they can get somebody decent in return once they trade D'Angelo Russel midseason they might be good enough to make it out of the first round.  As for the Western Conference finals next year its going to be the Denver Nuggets versus the Lakers or Clippers.

It depends whether klay will be fully fit or not. Remember they made it to the finals without durant and they were in control of game 6 until klay went down. 

Besides loosing Durant they also lost Iguodala and Cousins.  Curry is somewhat injury prone so they better hope he stays relatively healthy next season or the might not even make the playoffs.  As for the finals the Warriors got lucky that it actually went six games Toronto could have easily won that series in five games.   But I like the final outcome loosing three games at home made it more embarrassing for the Warriors.