Bofferbrauer2 said:
Random_Matt said:

The 9900K is still the best gaming CPU, probably best you read the benchmarks. Also the GPU TDP is actually the whole board and not just the chip.

Yes, the 9900K is still the best one, but the advantage is getting slim. Those few frames are measurable, but rarely felt anymore.

While on the CPU topic, I wonder why there's no tests of the 3800X? With it's higher TDP and clock speeds while still only running on one chiplet, it might actually be the best gaming chip from AMD right now.

It's just a higher clocked 3700X, no one will buy it. I would only recommend the 3700X for new builders, and only a 3900X if they need more cores as it is a waste of money for gaming. But going forward 12 cores might be beneficial in games, who knows.