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HoloDust said:
curl-6 said:

Agreed, the power spent on doing native 4K would be better off spent on any number of other things IMO, but even just 60fps but lighting, materials, effects. Unfortunately, 4K is a sexy buzzword that the companies will use to sell their shiny new boxes.

Given the huge jump in CPU power, what I'm most hoping to see is exactly what I wanted to see from the 8th gen but which they failed to deliver; a big jump in simulation, interactivity, like BOTW's physics/chemistry stuff but x10.

BotW has very rudimentary and case by case physics.

It's still one of the only full-fledged games I can think of where elements such as temperature, electrical conductivity, air currents, etc are all woven together into a cohesive whole. I want games like that, just with even more extensive interactions.

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