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HollyGamer said:
curl-6 said:

Framerate on consoles is down to developer choice, and developers for the last 20 years have always predominantly chosen to opt for 30fps over 60fps, no matter how much extra power they are given. The same will happen for PS5/Scarlet. Ever since the lead-up to the 6th gen, people have always talked wishfully about how "next gen will be 60fps standard", we go through this every time there's a generational shift, and the outcome is always the same. Anyone expecting 60fps to be the standard in AAA games for PS4/Scarlet is only setting themselves up for disappointment.

I am agree , it's up to developer. But recently PS4 pro and Xbox Scarlet able to put option to choose setting between resolution, graphic quality or frame rates (60fps) . I bet we will see same ability on PS5 or scarlet , of course it will be limited compare to PC but at least gamer have some option. Also Sony and Microsoft already hint that both console can run games at 120 fps using HDMI 2.1 which is a requirement for 4K TV to run at 120 fps ( i am not saying games at 4k will run at 120 fps). 

Console has becoming more like PC these recent years.  Xbox One X for example able to use Freesync capability when using HDMI 2.1 on some monitor or TV with Freesync capability. These feature were exclusives only for PC gamers back then ,now console gamer can enjoy it on normal TV (using HDMI 2.1). 

Don't get me wrong, it'd be awesome if it became standard for devs to give players detail vs perfomance modes, as some games already have. I'm just not expecting it.

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