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Pemalite said:
Mr Puggsly said:

The concept of universal healthcare is nice, its just paying for it thing people won't like. We're gonna need a massive tax hike and that is going to push many millions of people out of private healthcare.

Again, what the democrats are proposing is far more ambitious and generous than what other countries provide. Especially if we have a massive number of people entering legally or otherwise.

I've gotten to a point I actually wish democrats were actually honest about what Europe or Canada actually provide, be honest who is affected by the taxes (spoiler: not just the rich) and of course admit other countries aren't as generous as democrats want to be. I also don't believe the other western countries have the same number of illegals coming in either. I assure you the democrats in the US do not want to just emulate other countries, that isn't ambitious or irresponsible enough.

The irony is... The Universal Health Care systems like the Australian model have proven to be more efficient than the American model whilst providing a higher quality of service.... And all for a lower cost. That's right... It's cheaper.

So if anything, it should result in reduced taxes due to less overheads.

I just don't know why there is such an endless debate to healthcare in the USA, feels like it's been going on for decades?

DonFerrari said:

Doesn't seem like most developed western nations offer free healthcare for immigrants.

The bulk of them in the list does though? For emergencies.
Either-way, Western-Nations are a bigger pool of countries than just what is located in Europe...

Got a few hills in Oceania and Asia as well as Africa that are regarded as "western".

You gave me the response I love responding to and also allows me to clarify something.

I'm not saying I'm opposed to universal healthcare per se. Our government has demonstrated in almost everything it does that its incredibly inefficient. So why do we keep feeding it more money without improving?

Again, our government provides healthcare for more than a 100 million people and it still sucks and negotiating better prices. Thats more people than most countries have people!

Hence, most countries seem to do everything cheaper than the US. Dont just cherry pick healthcare.

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