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Chrkeller said:

Well I have 3 thoughts on performance

1) I am fine with the power of the Switch. Perhaps it is because I grew up playing ps1/N64, but any game that is HD with a stable frame rate is good enough for me. The ps4 Pro looks beyond amazing.  Pretty much all games are leaps and bounds better than the stuff I played growing up. 

2) Graphics mean nothing without art style. The "prettiest" game I have ever played is Wind Waker HD. I'll take style over graphics all day long.

3) Games matter. I don't care how good something looks, what matters is how good the game is.  And the quality of a game is 99% gameplay, controls and level design.  Dark Souls 3 isn't the prettiest game on the ps4, but it is the best.

Well the good thing about power it also gives developers a lot more flexibility to offer features, assuming they leverage it properly.

Im with you in regard to visual fidelity not being the most important aspect. But more power can also mean 60 fps can become more common, potentially more splitscreen games with stable performance, bigger and more dynamic worlds, better load times, etc.

Hence, I like the push for power but Im often critical of how its used. Halo:MCC is arguably my favorite release this gen simply because it made numerous old games I love better. The power was simply leveraged for higher resolutions, 60 fps, better performance for split screen, etc.

Then you have something like Halo 5 which is a good product, but released with no split screen, jarring visual quirks and a disappointing resolution. In comparison Halo 4 in MCC looks like the more polished game.

So in a nutshell, more power is great but it often feels wasted.

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