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Assange is just a target for the western Governments to make an example of as his platform (Wikileaks) exposed the unjust invasion of privacy of Governments against their own people and each other this is why they're after him everything else you hear is just to demonize him to remove support. This is a man who knew that he was a target as a result and it was clear he was a target then all of a sudden a rape accusation pops up? It reeks of a set up because even if he's cleared of the accusation he'll be extradited to US straight after regardless you can't tell me that here in the UK the Government would keep officers stationed 24/7 outside the Ecuadorian embassy for all those years in the name of bringing him to justice for the accusation when we've been having police cuts for the past 5-6 years and struggle to deal with our own cases here.

Simply put the amount of effort to arrest him shows the's far more to it then they want people to realize.