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Alright people, on to 1997! I will continue updating the main thread as results of each of these polls conclude.

Main source

E3 1997

Please vote on which company had the best showings of games. We are NOT limited to just 1st party games like we pretty much were for 1996. Going forward I hope to have a healthy list of third-party companies! I will NOT be including exclusive games under the company whose device they released on going forward, as the point of all this is to see which company has had the best E3 each year, regardless of if they own the hardware or not.

Also, just like with the 1995 vote, I can only include 10 options. I will, however, put the ones that didn't make the cut below here just so you know and you can comment your vote for them if you'd like. Below is a list of notable games announced/shown.

Sony: Crash Bandicoot 2, MediEvil, MLB '98, Spawn: The Eternal, Steel Reign

Valve: Half-Life

Epic Games: Unreal

Ritual Entertainment: SiN

Ion Storm: Daikatana

Bethesda: Prey (1997)

Activision/ID Software: Quake II

Lucas Art: Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II

Rare: Goldeneye 007, Conker’s Quest (eventually renamed Twelve Tales: Conker 64), Banjo Kazooie

Konami: Metal Gear Solid

Nintendo: F-Zero 64, Star Fox 64, Zelda 64 was shown slightly.

Titus Interactive: Superman 64

Namco: Time Crisis

Capcom: Resident Evil 2

SEGA: Panzer Dragoon Saga, Sonic 3D Blast

Square: Final Fantasy VII

3D Realms: Duke Nukem Forever

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